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You always talk to me about your home town, but when do I get to visit it? I want to go to Southeast Asia this summer. Ellos conocieron toda Europa durante su luna de miel. They saw all of Europe during their honeymoon. I didn't recognize you without your glasses! Todos la conocen por su risa contagiosa. Everyone knows her by her contagious laugh.

Estos guerreros no conocen el miedo. These warriors feel no fear. Conoce muy bien el daño que puede causar la guerra.

He knows full well the damage that war can cause. Lazarus had yet to know a woman. Ella conoce este tema como la palma de su mano.

Differences Between the Spanish Verbs Saber and Conocer

Don't worry! She knows this topic like the back of her hand. She speaks French and German because she was raised in Switzerland. El caso debe ser conocido por un gran jurado.

The case must be tried by a grand jury. Se conoce que tienen problemas. It seems like they are having problems. El juez que conoce del caso podría ser recusado por una de las partes. The judge who tried the case may be recused by either party. He knows about that industry because his dad was an engineer. Me conozco mejor que nadie. I know myself better than anyone else. Se conocen del colegio.

They know each other from school. Se conocieron en un curso de inglés. They met during an English class. Es una pena que no nos llegamos a conocer mejor. It's a shame we didn't get to know each other better. Se conoce todo el chisme del pueblo.

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He knows all of the town gossip. Juan y yo nunca llegamos a conocernos bien Juan and I never really got to know each other. Se conocen con el nombre de materiales compuestos o composites se conocen bajo el nombre de Ronda de Uruguay.

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Conocer , aplicado a personas o cosas, se traduce generalmente por know:. No conozco muy bien a su familia I don't know his family very well. Nos conocemos desde que éramos pequeños We have known each other since we were little. No es de por aquí.

Think you can join them?

She's not from here. I think she's from other country. Lo que quieras yo te invito. Whatever to want I invite you.

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Porque la quiero conocer. Cause I want to know her. But she laughs and tells me. Mmm, yeah, don't know Pero ella me frena y me dice. But she stops me and tells me. Mm, yeah, don't know don't know. Baila nena con. Sensual a ti. Let's get out of here. I can't resist to that little waist. Nobody will ever know that. La quiero conocer. Reportar un problema.

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